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Rodents are among the most important competitors with humans for food and other resources. There are rodent that live predominantly underground, other that live on land and other are primarily arboreal.

Both rat and mice constitute a major threat to mankind because of the disease organisms they harbour and damage they cause. Rodent pest management is essential to achieving and marinating an acceptable standard of living.

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Rats can spread disease through biting or contact with their fecal matter, or droppings. They can cause damage through their gnawing and feeding on everything from electrical wires to crops. They can be carriers of many serious diseases. Among the diseases rats can transmit to humans or livestock are murine typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis (food poisoning), and rat bite fever. Both roof and Norway rats can carry the Plague.

Control Methods

Chemical Control:
Application of Anticoagulant rodenticides in the suspected hideouts and possible pathways Application of rodenticidal dust in the possible areas.

Installation of Bait Stations:
Installation of tamper resistant bait stations with attractants in both external and internal areas.

Installation of Glue Traps:
Installation of bait stations with glue traps and attractants in the internal areas is best solution for rodent control.

Installation of Rodent Repellents:
The ultrasonic pest repellent is an effective rodent control device that provides intensive pest control effect. The High intensity sound waves attacks auditory and nervous system of pets