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Insect Control

Jayam Pest Control delivers a comprehensive insect control and monitoring service, helping your business identify insect-related risks and remove avoidable costs.

Stored product insects, biting insects, wood boring insects, vectors and public health insect pests all pose a threat to our society and public health in one way or the other and the most dangerous being transportation of disease carrying organism.

JPC have a team of highly trained technicians who can carry out detailed inspections and identify any areas of infestation and take remedial measures by means of consumer and eco friendly pest control program

Snake Control

Snakes come in many different types, and although they are not one of the most common pests they do present a distinct problem whenever they intrude on human dwellings. One of the greatest threats from certain varieties of snakes is the fact that they are venomous and can cause severe illness and even death if they bite humans or animals. This is especially true for small children and pets, as their lower body mass offers no resistance to the venom of most snakes. Therefore if you are having a problem with an infestation of these creatures, your first thought is definitely going to be how to get rid of snakes and that is where our expertise counts.

Control Methods

  • Application of residual insecticides in the breeding and feeding sites
  • GEL treatment
  • Thermal Fogging treatment
  • Cold Fogging
  • Aerosol spray
  • Pheromone based traps
  • Installation of electronic fly killers
  • Installation of electrical Mosquito traps
  • Installation of Light traps
  • Installation of Mist away system