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We all know the disaster these birds create to offices, residences, malls, factories, temples and places of worship. In India, it is common to feed birds, but the brunt is borne by property owners. Apart from being an eyesore and a menace to clean, bird feces spread diseases like Salmonellosis, Encephalitis, Cryptococcosis, Ornithosis, Hisoplasinosis, and other breathing & skin disorders.

As pest professionals, we understand bird behaviour - so we can quickly identify locations around your premises where bird activity is most likely to occur and the potential consequences.

Because we self-deliver all the services you need, we save you management time and reduce the total cost of service provision.

Bird Removal

Birds can often be pesky inhabitants around your home. Ridding your property of avian pests can typically prove to be difficult without the right equipment and knowledge. Sometimes, trying to remove birds from your property can involve legal aspects as some pesky birds are protected by law. There are a number of techniques and various types of products that can be used to remove unwanted birds. We can make sure your bird problem is removed and does not return.

Bird Control Issues

If you are having bird control issues, it is important to know what types of birds are bothering your household for several reasons. The first reason is to make sure you are not further endangering a species of bird that is protected by law. We are experts in dealing with this issue and can keep you from a legal mess that is for the birds! Another reason to know what kind of bird is to make sure the correct equipment is being used to address the issue. Some birds may not find one type of a bird repellant device to be annoying, but may find several others to be. We make sure the right tools are used to remove those unwanted birds.

Control Methods

Our approach is always about prevention first - and we have a range of effective measures and systems to prevent birds from creating issues, avoiding costs for your business. These include:

  • Netting solutions
  • Wire systems
  • Point systems
  • Ultrasonic bird repellent
  • Bird light strobe

More Info

Danger Signs
  • Birds roosting or nesting on building
  • Presence of droppings
  • Presence of nests
  • Presence of feathers and/or other debris
Potential Harm
  • Disease transmission. Pest birds are known carriers of many diseases, most notably histoplasmosis and salmonella.
  • Contamination of product
  • Regulatory concerns, third party auditor requirements
  • Structural damage due to the acidity of droppings
  • Aesthetic concerns from droppings and nesting
Business Consequences
  • Liability concerns
  • Economic loss due to contaminated food products
  • Disease concerns with employees and/or clients
  • Economic loss due to structural damage
Steps To Take
  • Identification of species
  • Determine roosting and nesting patterns
  • Use of exclusion techniques, including netting, spikes, ledge modifications, etc
  • Use of flock dispersal materials