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Jayam Pest Control(JPC) an industry leader in providing large range of public health pest control & cleaning services. Since inception in the year 1992 and founded by its Managing Director Mr. K.S. Mohan who is a veteran in this field with over two decades of work experience, the company has established a reputation and maintained the value as a responsible pest control service provider of high quality service and has enjoyed a steady growth of its customer base. This has been achieved through Customer care, Investment in equipments & machinery, Training of employees and as a single source solution provider.

JPC prides its self in maintaining a combination of safe and effective control techniques, knowledge and experience together with a proactive, honest and open working relationship with all our clients. We believe that we provide a service incomparable to any other, and our consistent involvement with our loyal customer base continues to allow a constant evolvement of service and trust that keeps us at the pinnacle of our profession.

We offer clean pest-free and hygienic environment for residences, business premises, hotels, resorts, offices, hospitals, buildings, industrial projects, malls, storage facilities and many more We are committed to providing a reliable, good quality and trouble free service ensuring complete client satisfaction. Team tests manufacturers claims and ensures the preparations our Technicians use are effective

We are always looking for smarter ways to manage pests. JPCs seasoned technicians are the best trained in the business and are well versed in the latest tools and techniques. Often, we work with customers and communities to find greener solutions to their pest problem.

Why Choose Us

Expertise  JPC has been serving various Industries, Offices, Hotels & Restaurants, Commercial Complexes, Villas & Multi-unit housing unit, Hospitals, Food Industries and many more As industry experts, we know exactly what it takes to protect your property portfolio against a wide variety of pests.

Comprehensive protection  Drawing on our years of experience JPC can identify vulnerabilities in a buildings construction that allow pests to gain access or provide them with safe harbor. We apply our expert knowledge to assess the risk and develop a tailored solution that provides optimal protection.

Discretion and flexibility  JPC understands the sensitivity of a pest infestation in multi-unit properties and the need for an urgent response and absolute discretion.

Full service  Whether you need reliable maintenance services, a fast emergency response, training in pest awareness for your tenants or inspections by our expert technical team, we can provide all the help you need.

Peace of mind  You have the reassurance that comes from JPCs in-depth understanding of all relevant rules and regulations, as well as the documentation requirements.

Industry leading treatment processes  We combine proven pest control processes with advanced technologies available to ensure you always remain one step ahead of pest threats.

Central point of contact  We provide a single point of contact for their entire operation based on a national or regional agreement.

Emergency call outs  Our team is geared up to meet any challenges 24W7 and is a call away. Dedicated customer support help line.

What you need to know

Full Service Capabilities:

Doing business with a full service company allows you to reduce suppliers and ensure effective pest control solutions for your business or home. We have dedicated Line of Business Managers to help support our Customers and field Colleagues by providing technical expertise.

Integrated Pest Management System (IPM):

We adhere to our services within the framework of the IPM. We emphasise to use natural pest control mechanisms causing minimum damage to the eco system. With effective and environmentally sensitive combination with available pest control methods, we minimize environmental damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

Account Capabilities:

With dedicated technical expertise and key customer focal point, we can provide national and regional programs that provide consistent, documented protocols with centralized account management.


Our team includes trained and accredited professionals from international pest control organisations.

Technician Training and Tenure:

Our team undergoes various training programs that have been developed by international certified pest control organisations. Average Technician tenure of 5 or more years ensures that you have the technical competency to protect your most valuable assets  your facility, people and brand.


Our products and service offerings have been setting new standards in pest product innovation for over 15 years.

Customer Management Program:

Traditionally conducted by an Operations Manager, each CMP audit demonstrates and ensures that we will deliver what we promise. We have a standardized process to conduct quarterly Quality Assurance Inspections. We also conduct field survey to measure customer loyalty throughout our organization. We value this scoring program as it enables us to understand how our Customers perceive our service. Customer loyalty is measured by a single principle: How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague? Consistently, our scores outrank our competition